Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dark Side of Species "Success"

Age of Innocence

Price of SuccessEXCESS

Hi I just finished this wall hanging quilt based on a photo of my son and motifs from the innocent images (naive) of the 50's . I think using fiber art to explore social and political commentary has a fine tradition. The first US flag was a fiber art construct sewn up by Betsy Ross to be symbolic of the colonies statement of freedom from tyranny. Burning the mass produced models later down the timeline was also a statement.

This piece uses about 80% re-purposed and leftover fabrics so it's legit here. I used hand and machine stitches, fabric paints, freezer paper stencils (great for reuse and easy) photos that were photocopied and transfered, (the toy soldiers from the 60's, stitched to the lower right corner) appliquéd bits, embroidery, trapunto, fabric markers, beads and torn apart silk flowers which make great ready made appliqués. I also had to dye some pieces to get the color to work across the scene. It took a chunk of time to do, but was really satisfying. As ideas emerged and changed so did the work
If you get inspired and fabric is your medium go for it!

Class photos coming soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

sheer strength

Re-purposed curtain with a ready made border
I was just playing when I painted this piece. The paint bled through, so I blotted it with a fold and got the shadow image. Embroidery and blocked areas then played out the story of strength in vulnerability and the attempt at balance.
PS the classes are over now but new ones will start in January. Watch for a window display of recyked and ecowise garments at the Full Circle Yarn Shop in Ballard This will be up through the Sustainable Ballard festival on the last weekend of September. See you there!