Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Levi's Dirty Tags

Is the Levi plan to Detox connected to this scandal?

"Levi Strauss may have pioneered the “Water and “Waste lines of denim, but the jean icon is far from a paragon of sustainability, according to a new report from Greenpeace. In its first investigation of textile manufacturers in Mexico, one of the largest producers of denim in the world, the environmental nonprofit discovered a wide range of hazardous chemicals in the wastewater of two of the nation’s biggest factories" (Ecouterre)

Now it's time for the next conversation. How many jeans does anyone need? How much water can we afford to contaminate? How much longer are we going to play this idiots game of russian roulette?  We can just stop.

This culture of violence against nature, other people against our own spiritual and emotional selves needs to be seen for the monster it is.  When Bradley Manning is tortured for letting the truth of nations speak for themselves -"we" are condoning violence. When a young man opens up and fires killing 28, most of them children, "we" want to find something to blame, "we" want to scapegoat the victims of our own creation.

The USA has aligned with monetary power to systemically rape and pillage around the world (Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, USA, more) Headlines now proclaim the violence at home. Sandy, suicides, dead "food" and killing sprees - Karma?

This old story is beyond sad, beyond disgusting and ignorant. Lets get real. We can create a world of meaning and well being. We have the tools, the technology, the information we need to stop the pillager and focus on that which is our greater possibility.

Piles of material wealth just scream narcissism and that says ego on steroids aka personality development on hold. In this age of resource insanity it just says "wrong." We are no longer impressed, the cover is blown. (PS Hiding under a Foundation won't heal the heart it only pacifies the wounds)

We can be heroes, for more than one day,
Though nothing can drive them away We can beat them forever and ever, yes we can be heroes, (if only) just for one day.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Levis Detox

Graphic from WaterRIP the Flow
now until Jan 1 2013 at the Kerf International Gallery
Greenpeace met Levi's and Levis said yes to detoxifying their production lines.

This is a good step forwards not only as enevironmental issue but is a large plus for social and human health meausures.

There is no over there, no other, we are one planet. This is a sign of a maturing species, moviong from its all about me to wow, others matter!

"But rather than use hazardous chemicals in the first place, Levi's will look for non-hazardous alternatives. This is a bold move away from its previous position, which was focused on managing rather than eliminating hazardous chemicals."

Levi's shapes up to become a Detox leader

Feature story - December 13, 2012

Levi's shapes up to become a Detox leader.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Recycling Chemicals

 Baby cotton flannel pj topper, early 50s.
 I bought vintage for my son because i like the little prints, now i am grateful for exposing him to less toxins. Following the heart can have intersting rewards.

Lets play fool the public!

You are a business. You make chemicals. You are doing great; selling flame retardants to clothing and fabric manufacturers. You are raking in profits because back in the 50s you helped frame the stories about kids being burned because their pajamas caught on fire. You put this ad on TV and asked America to protect their kids.

It worked, America got up and voted to protect children from space heaters and cigarettes.  This problem was magnified to sell more chemicals to a public already hyped with ads like the one i found in a 1940s National Geographic "Living Better Through Chemistry." 

This emotional hype was needed because of the growth story. To grow you needed to sell more. How better to sell things than to make the public believe they needed them. You became a great storyteller.

To be fair, there is good chemistry but a lot of bad applications. Like synthetic vitamins are not a replacement for real food, household cleaners can harm your lungs, scents are full of endocrine yi yi ...we have a mess on our hands.

So the we try to make amends and the we cleaned up this pj problem back in 1977 when Tris was banned from children's clothing. That was when it was found out to be an agent of cancer and perhaps not that great a fire retardant.

So now you start freaking out about lost sales and investors pulling out and your stock prices diving. This is bad ju ju, how will you live? How will your employees fare if you fail? CEO knows to get that bottom line straightened out or off with "the head." Loss of title, failure, spouse is alarmed, bills pile up- no this cannot happen.

So in survival mode the you pull together and find another way to sell Tris. You succeed by forming an alliance with cigarette companies who want to blame sofas and pillows for burns. You brilliantly change the story.

You succeed!!
& now :

  • 85% of U.S. couches tested contained toxic or untested flame retardant chemicals.

    • The newer the couch, the more likely it is to contain toxic chemicals.
    • 41% of the couches contained cancer-causing chlorinated Tris, which was removed from children’s pajamas back in 1977!  (thank you Women's Voices for the Earth, WVE)
    So when i say it is time to write the new stories...i mean it..enough of this nonsense.
    (and i am working on it, please see the WaterRIP stories posted to FashionRIP blog)

    The above story is not alone, our economic system enables, supports even protects this battle of the tall tales.

     I am embarassed by this lack of understanding, angry at this lack of foresight and insight, and amused that the enablers do not see that they too are being exposed to ever higher risk of disease. Are they suicidal?

    Well anyway, now you know.

    Safe Chemicals Act information is on the WVE site. Together we will change the stories.

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Toxic Threads

    graphics fro Toxic Threads PDF, download it from Greenpeace site and spread a story we need to know, thnx
    The "Toxic Threads"report from Greenpeace is a downloadable pdf that you can get on their website.

    This report has visual appeal and a lot of information . This is the stuff that can help us make those better choices and is an easy one to point out to others. (Some people just won't wade through data and peer reviewed reseach papers)

    What we all contribute to the world comes in many forms. Good deeds and helping others makes us feel good, healthy living makes us feel good, putting it together makes good sense. The emotional, spiritual and physical well being of organisms are interrelated. This is whole systems thinking.

    There is such a simple truth in life. Too bad our economic construct is built from thousands of years of false beliefs. We let it roll along, going along with the notion that  a few wealthy, privileged humans had the right to extract what they wanted from this planet. Really, isn't it time to move along. We are witnessing the effects of their delusions.

    As we help each other learn, we help understand the alliances that really impact our well being. Relationships matter, between persons, animals, ecosystems, everything. Together we will overcome the ignorant patterns of the past.

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    Bonk: Creative Financing

    photo courtesy of

    Bonk is the name for an investment plan that Pants to Poverty is establishing as a means to expand it's operation . They say it will "impact"  farmers and factory workers and provide a return on the investment.

    I am leery of the word " impact" being used rather than the word help or will stabilize, improve, add to the farmer's and worker's plus columns...something that explains the impact.

    In fact this bonk thing seems just another crowdfunding raise the capital drive. The difference is the return on investment rather than a weeks worth of britches and the like. Interesting idea.

    Financial regulations (bankers making their own rules) create the restrictions that keep just "anyone" from opening a bank. This "in crowd" thinking in the banking industry has created a monster and as it fails to reign it in, then bonks might be new generative banking entity that can help it return to reason.

    Bonks might be forerunners of currency flow where systems support local economics that jive with quantum reality, connections, people over profit and a slew of other bennies that support the rainbow of human potentials, not just that bankers grey.

    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Beautiful Soul and the English Rose

    This video is a delightful stroll in ethical, sustainable, beautiful garments designed by Beautiful Soul. Enjoy!!

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Letter to "Coach"

    Sacred Economics is a real re-think of resource distribution and relationships. Imagine the possibility!
    "Making Life Work in Tough Financial Times: Fully Understanding Abundance, Prosperity and Money",

    "There Comes a Time When You Must
    Realize That You Are the Only Source There Is
    And so it bears repeating: NO one is going to give to you what you have not already given yourself."

    Neale D Walsch

    This set up in "law of attraction' is irksome, as it is a version of "blame the victim" I understand how much of this works, as i practice dancing with the universe. However, if the above doesn't include synchronistic practices that enable local empowerment, pooling resources and decentralizing power; than the "I've got mine" old skool nonsense is still being shoveled.

    It is not untrue, it is just not fully true. If family,  society, the whole human species, all life is one, then limiting this to "isolated" self work isn't enough. We are all reflecting each others emotions, therefore helping everyone heal is as much a self interest as it is for an "others" interest.

    Moving into new definitions of resources and abundance helps a person manifest that which is in discovery or aligned with one's "gift to the world" - however to not work to change the outward "manmade superimposition" that has been deemed the "real world' is socially, environmentally and emotionally unethical aka unhealthy. Check out "Catastroika" for a little manmade meltdown.

    Why is it that this group of Shift , Attraction etc people fail to look into how the money is made and controlled because that is the pimp in the midst of the mess and no matter how we deck the system out; it still has, at its center a wrongminded win/lose construct designed like a game of musical chairs. (The Money Fix, Sacred Economics, Gar Alperovitz  )

    You can't fix a problem using the same thinking that created said problem. -loose how do we face this question of built in inequity?

    Seems the whole reason we are at this catalytic time is to act with the courage of our faith. To work on all issues at once (acknowledged yet sequentiated), allows one to see the interrelated connections and then understand what is helpful without causing greater harm elsewhere. And as we are emo reflective creatures, to rise in abundance while others do not,  is bad juju. These are two of the  concepts that help form the quantum visibility mesh, i "use" to see multidisciplinary patterns, connections, interrelations. This allows for a fractal , organic sensibility  that welcomes linear trajectories and chaos alike- words are poor messengers here, doing my best..

    UPSIDE: We can now utilize all the world's brilliance towards that better good that enhances life, appreciates its creative diversity, and will move us beyond procreation into the amazing possibilites that will open as we evolve. 

    DOWNSIDE and UPSIDE The dis-ease at the heart of the old premise, the old construct -must be recognized, dealt with and redesigned for better flow.

    Will ignoring the dis-ease make it go away? Yes, some truth there, however accepting the benefits (monetary reward) of the dis-ease isn't ignoring it..or is it?

    sincerely deborah j barnes

    PS if one can siphon off the flow and recirculate the money into the reconstructive economic cycle...that makes sense.

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    GOTS News

    Goodwill Outlet bin with Ice Queen materials in foreground.
    "The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed through collaboration by leading standard setters with the aim to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide credible assurance to the consumer.
    Since its introduction in 2006 the Global Organic Textile Standard has already demonstrated its practical feasibility. Supported by the growth in consumption of organic fibres and by the remarkable demand for unified processing criteria from the industry and retail sector it has gained universal recognition, enabling processors and manufacturers to supply their organic textiles with one certification accepted in all major markets. With the introduction of the logo and labelling system the GOTS has already visually entered not only the shelves of natural textile shops but also of the largest retailers and brand dealers. This is a milestone in consumer recognition and a strong acknowledgement of this reliable quality assurance concept."
    As this organization doesn't mention the post consumer phase; i have my concerns.
    When setting up production standards, the afterlife of textiles needs to be factored  into the equation; else it is in effect another, albeit greener, form of privatize the benefits and socialize the problems and risks.
    Leaving the responsibility of demand (force fed by an industry that preys on our suseptible, egos, preaches "keeping up appearances" and how best to follow fast moving trends while hoisting the faux esteem building banners,  "you are worth it," "you desrve the best" ya-da, ya-da, is as old skool as the issues that created the problems this agenda is apparently trying to remedy. Without digging up the roots, the weed returns, sometimes bigger than ever.
    As long as "not my department, job description, mission focus," are accepted cultural mantra these and other similar quaint phrases, will continue to limit our capacities to generate change. The construct defines the beliefs which define the outputs. Ta-da we did good, as defined and restricted by our "reality," therefore we can feel good and not take too big a risk. As this equates with personal development plateaus and that usually means being stuck in the drama we have yet to  understand, then it is time to learn and get over the hump.  We can do this!
    Because really, isn't this just negligence of another form?  Overt production processes that endanger the planets hosting capacities are not "more evil"" than the post consumer waste damages. Full product lifecycle measures need reconciling with what we agree to be present or not in the new economic models.
    Changing the whole of "business as usual" upsets some people, so i am guessing we aren't as heroic as we wish we were. (I know we wish for heroism because we tell those stories- a lot)
     Or do we take small bites because we have been conditioned to think and act small because (swallow hard, my dears) "Change Takes a Long Time."  (Yup, long enough for the "industry leaders" to gobble the pioneers and prophets and then resurrect them under their own logo or LOGOS)
     FYI: Recycling will not "fix" this problem. Without changing the means (banking system) and ways, of the standard western economic model, we will not outrun the monster.
    FYI: Technology is nowhere nearly as efficient as the natural services. History tells us our "fixes," especially when generated by the need to profit, have resulted in horrid side effects. We have enough evidence to understand that if we pursue this "warfare" approach any longer, we all will lose. Even "winners" are losers here - think psychopathic karma (Social Intelligence by D. Goleman
    It is time to open up and embrace our place in the whole of life. Embrace the quantum field of energy and realize how we, each of us, are truly unique and yet just a part of something bigger. We are a part of an amazing living universe..and more.

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    No Sweats Day

    My friend Anna Herman (eco) posted this. Must do a "something more" to support ethical fashion on this day. Please visit her Anna Herman Fashion Design.
    I don't know if this is directly related to the UK organization  I first connected with No Sweat, but is related. Clothes are a huge environmental issue.

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Fashion Dives

    Who is harmed by sweatshops?...we all are. For if we turn away from the inconvenient truths of a mass produced world we lose ourselves in the process and become less of a whole feeling, thinking being. Is this a "subtle" form of economic terrorism?

    "These workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, sandblast jeans to produce fashionable creases and fades. But sand contains silica, which can cause a disabling lung disease called silicosis when inhaled. Many major brands—including, most recently, Versace—say they've cracked down on using silica. But some, like Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and Roberto Cavalli, have "remained totally indifferent" to requests to eliminate sandblasted clothes, according to the Italian spokeswoman of the anti-silica Clean Clothes Campaign. On top of that, policing the supply chain is a tall order. This facility's owner claimed some of his jeans were headed for Gap, H&M, and Walmart; meanwhile, Levi's and H&M have since declared a global ban on silica use at their facilities." from Mother Jones

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Ethical Fashion

    Can fashion and ethical share the same sentence? Is fashion in its full blown accoutrement ever really sustainable and who, how or what is defining? As the fox in charge of the henhouse has been the way and means of current states of insanity, once again it is up to us. US as in you, me and anyone who wants to state opinions. Like voting with the dollar, we vote and share our opinions with dress.

    Fashion is a product of style and style a byproduct of personality and clothing a byproduct of protection from the elements, which is a good thing for furless critters like us.

    A cute story about the first accessory was in the book "Art and Fashion" (Marcel Vertes in collaboration with Bryan Holme, 1944)  Eve is looking into a stream (Narcissus  adapted to the feminine is another path for another time!) when a leaf falls from the tree above and lands on her head. She appreciates the look and twists the stem into her hair, thus inventing the first hat. (She also runs to get Adam's approval and therein lies the Venus Mars "story"  that is perpetuated through culture via experts interviewing the seduced, reflecting the reflection )

    Fashion as an indicatorof the social construct has been woven throughout written history and even before, however, it never hurts to unravel the lot and see the silly along with the sublime.

    Appreciating the truth of the whole sets loose a whole palette of grey areas and much like black and white photography (Ansel Adams early master was all about the gray tones) the richness is in the depth of the play between light and dark.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    major alterations

    This is an International Moment, the world is watching and we, the people of the world, have an opportunity to change the course of history.
    Clean energy, damming of rivers and indigenous violations all came together a few days ago as people freed the Xingu River to resume it's natural flow.

    "Three hundred indigenous people, small farmers, fisherfolk, and local residents occupied the Belo Monte Dam project" (Amazon Watch).....using their bodies in formation spelling, they became the message "Pare Bele Monte " (stop Belo Monte) This press worthy aerial view notice was followed by a dig out that opened the river.

    In The Leaderless Revolution, Carne Ross writes how Ghandi's Salt March was an action that was direct and remedial. A partial transcript from the Bill Moyers show reiterates the story:

    "BILL MOYERS: You were quite impressed with Gandhi's salt march.

    CARNE ROSS: Yeah.


    CARNE ROSS: Well, he in protest of British colonialism, he organized a 200-mile march, of lots of people, to go to a coastal city in India to make salt. And the reason he did that was because the British charged poor people, ordinary Indians a tax on salt, as a way of keeping them down. And Gandhi felt the salt belongs to all of us, and ordinary people were forbidden from making salt.

    So he went and made salt. And this was the perfect political protest, because not only did it draw attention to this great injustice, but it actually physically embodied the change that needed to happen, which was ordinary people making salt. And it was immensely powerful."
    The Salt March was a trek to the ocean where they could then distill their own salt from the sea water. This was a do-able practical solution though many were injured and over 200 hundred dians unrmed Indians died.
    The injured were countless. Think not only of  the Indians,  but of the British soldiers. Young men following orders they had to have questioned . Bludgeoning unarmed people with steel tipped clubs had to have been horrifying to all who were involved. PTSDs were not part of the cultural discourse at the time, however we now know that the truama they suffered was allowed to lay fallow and corrupt the next generation in ways we are only beginning to understand. This is part of the next paradigm, healing at all levels is necessary if we are to transform our solutions to fit the problems we have created.
    The Pare Monte Belo protest is similar in its scope. Please, this time let us all put  our thoughts out there  for healtheir, positive outcomes.
    I see arguments for all sides and yet this is how we will further our action , policy and design for sustainable life embracing; it is these hard questions that we must learn to answer together. It is only by trying to understand from all options, all representatives and all people affected, that will grow our abilities to see the world with clarity. We are capable of this.

    Clothing - the  transnational language  - speaks as much as the letters formed.  This is full of nuances to explore...good, heartwarming stuff as well as the WTO sweatshop stuff.

    Friday, May 18, 2012

    Permanently Pressed

    Formaldehyde is one of those insidious chemical killers that have been normed for "modern" living. Check it out!!

    Clothing that is wrinkle free may save time and energy up front but in the long run it  is a gamblers trade out for cancer, asthma, allergies....

    This is how the "good for corporations" (profit focus) over "good for people" (life/health focus) is killer. Giving so much power to a monetary construct that needs growth and losers, has gobbled up our "commons." Our common sense, air, water, soil, connectivity, etc. has all been compromised.

    This is silly human antic crap from great heights but frustrating, maddening, scary stupid at street level.

    Common sense says to stop killing each other. Profit says fear, scarcity, hype and a fast get away make money. The profit game stops when there is nothing left to take. Its win threatens diversity of life. Diversity aids creativity, creativity is how we adapt. Seems to me we  need that now more than ever.

    Besides, being pawns of a system built on false beliefs is just wrong. That is a permanent depress.

    EEEWWWW and it will eventually contaminate everything.

    AKA the price of our current systems pathology may be at the expense of our very ability to be thriving amazing creatures. This focus on a shallow gamer world view sabotages other plans. This, at a time when we need to be open to the whole of our "beingness."  We are biological forms infused with cosmic energy, born of stars, we are more than our sum, we are...?

    Let's go there! Explore our potential, maximize possibilities and amaze ourselves. I mean the alt just sucks, surely we don't want to go down that drain. Thrive chickadees, escape the cage, fly and find who you are, enter becoming!

    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    Open Sew

    Yesterday i committed to starting this project in front of my two "what is the meaning of life" friends. Now I will not let them, myself and the Kerf mix and match troupe of volunteers, down. Saying things out loud is  good, saying them out loud in front of people you care about is better. (One more for the social impact connection)

    Open Sew is a free community resource. I will be there from 4-6:30 pm every Wednesday to answer your sewing questions, help pattern layouts, unravel the language of the stitch, help with projects and talk eco fashion merits over fast fashion markets.

    You may bring your own machine or you may use one on location. The wonderful people from Sew Up Seattle have contributed machines and notions for that purpose. Others have donated fabrics. You see, there is a lot of stuff to play with, all that is missing is -you!

    Learning to sew is a great way to exprss yourself, is useful and time saving, carbon and waste not friendly (in house repairs cover that green boast legitimately :-) and promotes the can do spirit that often gets stuck in one lane via a society of experts suffering from tunnel vision.

    I named 2012 the year of transition and healing. As of today, i believe this is on track. I feel a convergence zone of spirit, compassion, past and present forming. Is this the power of love? I believe so and i am putting everything on it. Still walking the tightrope without a net......still moving!

    On the fence? Consider:

    Sewing can be an asset to interdisciplinary meta learning that enables us to see how we connect to else. This sounds lofty perhaps, but seriously, fashion history is full of politics and economic nonsense. Fabrics, dyes, patterns and planned obsolescence have threads that permeate multiple membranes (toxic infiltrators and more...truly a sci fi non fiction tale in unfolding!)

     Sewing is a way to reenter the world of texture, analog color, sound and even scent- to restore the vastly superior sensory model we were born to use. Digital plusses are many but should be accessories, not the garment of life.
    Kerf International Exhibits Cancelled until further notice...
    Wallingford Center
    1815 n 45th st
    bus routes 44 and 16, free parking
    Wednesdays 4:00 to 6:30 pm
    206 545 4994 ( please leave a "real" message)
    with OPEN SEW as the subject.
    PS Starting soon , had a set back write if you want info thnx

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Street Up and Independent

     found art, drawing on the #44 bus with added text

    Feeling so  validated by the book, Shoot It! Hollywood Inc and the Rise of Independent Film, by Davis Spaner.  I have been spouting off about fashion's lack of great design and though some couture pieces break the jadescape, a whole lot of bore is hanging on the racks.

    Spaner notes how the film industry run by appliance makers has focused on product placement and gratuitous noise in order to grow. Aha this really is what has happened to fashion, theater , music, more,  as well. Perhaps it is because:

    (p 16)
    "Of course, not every purely independent film is great cinema, but like Warner Bros, when it really was the Warner Brothers, independent filmmakers are more willing to take risks than today's business grad--turned-studio executives who always choose the safe route. And it is risk taking that makes possible the movie that shatters expectations. "

    And risk taking makes for great music, the plays that break out and sing, clothes that strut , art that sustains the soul, enriches the heart. We thrive via change. Risk generates great design. Even the moguls will die without the independents.  I mean, that is where their crop of "next ideas" comes from, without creative diversity we shall surely risk devolution. Without nurturing possibilities, fewer can grow. It is not a good time to lower potential by elimnating possibilities Global warming ain't going away!
    Corporate rule hates risk (yet will risk the ability of this planet to sustain quality of life-go figure!)  Change is risk, therefore stagnation and narrowing rules the game. Monopoly becomes a bore and we are there! However the indies are rising , street up and grass roots are the future. Find your passion and collect with others to be great!! Dare to speak up, as every energy given to positive change reinforces the light.

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Beautiful Sustainable, Sublime

    Photo is cover of latest Sublime Issue, please check them out, 
    subscribe or just let them know you care!!

    This is a treat. I met the Sublime editor, Damian Santamanai, in London 2009 at the Eco Design Fair after party. The Eco Design Fair was where i had my first really public, speaking engagement. Nicola of Beautiful Soul propped me up from jet lag (i had flown in just hours earlier) and handed me a glass of champagne. I believe it went well, as had thought about the talk for days but never really wrote it down. However we were pitched up next to Carnaby Street (the home of Mods and Mary Quant) which totally influenced my early design aesthetique, so I started there, with appreciation for British style.

    While other kids bought candy and toys with their allowances, i bought Vogue and crayons.

     So I am delighted to see the magazine alive and well. I tried to get the local colleges (Seattle) interested in subscribing but they shined me on...i also tried to get the attention of SPL i think...must put this back on the to do list.

    It has been a few years more of proving that business as usual is not working out as most of us expected. Surely it is time to change the direction!! Sublime embraces the positive side of change and we need all of that we can get. For some reason the most natural thing in the world, change, is often met with suspicion, fear, or other negative reactions. When did we learn this?

    PS if you go to the Mods link you will see that they are set up against the Rockers. Mods vs Rockers was possibly one of the most influential Life Magazine stories of my youth. I have a grade school report written from that article, i must dig it out and post the photos  --oh and I was in love with the Rockers!

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Fashion Field Guide

    food for the machine of life aka .nihilism parading as progress
    Fashion Ecology and Evolution

    How what we wear, do and create impacts what we wear, do and create. The mindful life will design itself. It will be fabulous!

    I am almost through with my formal studies is environmental science and communications. The college i am attending is big on social justice, so that is my default major. I can now truly claim to be a meta disciplinary student of life, ongoing and ever changing. This is rock and roll.

    Knowing how social injustice impacts access to resources, health, hierarchies and contributes to the Machiavellian and narcissistic attempts to control life, means I have to address it in order to go forward.

    This super control of “life” is a bad idea and I can prove it. Then I will be free to go into how fashion can play a part in this re-volutionary drama. Really, fashion, art, poetry, video all have starring roles this next round, as co-creativity usurps procreativity.

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Air Dye 2012

    This eco friendly, as in water saving, dye technique was on the cat walk recently - part of the  fanfare created by the stakeholders of New York Fashion Week AirDye is for synthetic fabrics as is heat set but win some is better than none.
    "Each Costello Tagliapietra dress dyed and printed with AirDye saves 45 gallons of water and 95 megajoules of energy."

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Going to a meet-up in a few weeks and in my rsvp comment i wrote,
    "i want to know what fabrics they carry that might be considered eco sane. (is a lesser/more thing as yet) I know the Northgate store carried some nice hemp weaves and knits, clean processed bamboos, tencel (?) & "healthy" organic cotton- if local water supply isn't endangered- etc. Also new dye techniques are being created to offset the coal tar "norm" This is the elephant in the fabric shop perhaps, but so be it!! -& This is just the tip of the trunk "

    Sometimes speaking up is tricky, you never know what kind of reception you will get. This takes the "box of chocolates" metaphor to the next level. If the focus is on the chocolate and not the how, what, where, why and the whole of cocoa bean possibilities, we lose much in both the concept and the reality.

    Happy Valentines Day, though i cringe at the market's absurd takeover i laud the sentiment. Today i promise to choose love over fear, that is my challenge, feel free to make it yours.

    satin, velvet, beaded, embroidered valentines that 
    hang on my wall to remind me of that which is truly valuable.

    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Woad Dye

    Just found out about this medieval dye from France being revived and marketed in products by Bleu de Lecture.  French blue was in vogue way  before the aniline  mauve craze of the industrial era. Woad is plant based and looks to be a good alt for indigo (which crocks). This will add to the range of naturally sane blue colored possibilities.

    The video from Des Racines et Ailes. is lovely and informative, even if you don't speak French  

    photo credit: workshops from botanical colors, 
    Woad Dye and Denise Lambert of Bleu de Lectoure

    More on natural dyes at Botanical Colors

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    the light goes on

    and on. Check out the latest universal light shows at
    This post is to remind us that we are born of Stars (The Living Universe, Elgin) and that we are the light with the power necessary to change the way poor perceptions have  misguided life. It is also the year of the dragon, wow all this magick is now!!
    photo by Bjørn Jørgensen/NASA (Grotfjord, Norway - 1/23/12).

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Shame on US

    Tris is back, though banned in 1977 for use in children's pajamas, it is now turning up on changing tables, car seats and other foam filled infant products.

    banner for occupy seattle (occupy chaplains) 
    stencilled panel by michael, fabric border finish  by djb

    Flame retardants are chemicals meant to protect us, but once again the "cure" is might be worse than the disease. The effectiveness of flame reatarding toxins is being questioned but the health consequences of this body of  "halogenated flame retardants – those containing bromine or chlorine – can cause endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal and child development and on neurologic function."

    Toxic flame retardants found in many foam baby products

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Common Threads Initiative

    Patagonia, has launched an EBay shop for their used gear and garments. With headings : Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine.

    According to ecouterre, "Patagonia created a virtual swap meet on Wednesday for buying and selling used Patagonia gear—an unexpected retail model that’s a first for a major brand.......

    The Common Threads Initiative addresses a significant part of today’s environmental problem: the footprint of our stuff,” says Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder and owner. “This program first asks customers to not buy something if they don’t need it. If they do need it, we ask that they buy what will last a long time—and to repair what breaks, reuse, or resell whatever they don’t wear any more. And, finally, recycle whatever’s truly worn out.”

    Not only will Patagonia be putting used clothes back into circulation, but it also won’t profit from any of the transactions.

    The program is groundbreaking for several reasons. Not only will Patagonia be putting used clothes back into circulation, which could cannibalize new sales, but it also won’t profit from any of the transactions. Patagonia, Chouinard adds, is the first company to ask its customers to take a formal pledge to reduce consumption and keep products out of the landfill or incinerator."