Saturday, May 30, 2009

charming degrade

the more she wears it the better it gets
- notice the threads and tears that give this skirt personality

dressing for yourself, jewelry artist style
PS i lost your name, please email me if you see this
as credits are important!

last weekend i was selling my vintage clothing and textile collection out of a couple of dedicated rooms in my parent's house. This sales approach started with collectibles, went on to the textiles and the next one is records, cds, books and crafts.

the surprise has been that it feels more like a house party than a store and we are meeting the greatest people.

i highly recommend this way of promoting the re-use of goods. Also it is a boost to the local economy and in this case, the fashionRIP Project.

PS i am losing capital letters purposefully, just for the fun and balancing of it. ( gaining sustainable capital on one side which is offset by losing unnecessary capital on the other...hmmmm)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

at the Seattle Folklife Festival i ran into my friend Michael. We met at the Sanctuary Art Center.
Ever the stylist he shows how first hand imagination can rework second hand duds. Michael you are fabulous!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ethical Fashions Twist

i have a friend getting his masters in Occupational Therapy and we got to talking about designing for physical issues. I was wondering how many designers thought about it and today came across Chris Ambraisse founder and designer of A&K Classics in the Eco Fashion World e-letter.

About 15 years ago my mother made a dress for a young girl with an enlarged heart that caused a hump in her little back and expanded her chest. The mother just wanted her daughter to have a pretty dress. I never thought i would revisit this memory under these circumstances but in the new definition of fashion, it certainly has a place.

i am taking on a new challenge. This one is to do a presentation/lecture for SCCC that will be delivered Fall Quarter. The theme for the class that quarter is body and spirit and i was asked to develop my talk on sustainable fashion with that in mind. The topic is larger than the umbrella issues i was planning to talk about, but accepting the path as it unfolds enlightens in surprising ways.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

recycle that Styrofoam

In a Bergdorf window last March. The styrofoam chandelier is similar to the tea cup and saucer one hanging at MOMA...coincidence or repurposeful repurposing of a recycle idea. It gets so confusing....but looks good!