Thursday, October 27, 2011

Microscopic Synthetics at Sea

Microscopic synthetic fibers, especially polyesters and acrylics, are winding up on beaches worldwide. Scientists believe they are being released into the environment via washing machines and sewer lines.

According to the 11/1 issue of Environment Science and Technology, "microplastics" are defined as plastic particles "smaller than 1 nanometer—or one hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair." These particles are raising health and safety concerns as they have been found washed up on shorelines around the world and something that small will invariably end up in the food web.

Super filtered washing machines (product refashion for new greener machines, $$$) might help relieve this problem (a little), however, isn't it time we stopped allowing "the market" to rule our combined destinies? Isn't it time we started going to the source of problems and not just look to the profitable "relief of symptoms?" Isn't it time while we still have time?

Stopping the madness means we stop allowing the manufacture of fibers that are causing who knows what, as they circulate through the natural systems. These are the aliens we need to fear.

The total toxic waste and chemical evidence is alarming and it is ethically intolerable to continue exposing life to things we will not and actually cannot take full responsibility for. Take the money and run is no longer an option, where ya gonna run to?

As for now, consumers can choose natural fibers over synthetics and look to hemp, organic fair trade cotton, some bamboo, ethical silk, eco sane processed wool, more.

Note: The recycled plastic "cure" isn't. Polyester fleeces (the "new" oil byproduct and the recycled plastic bottle "eco " fleeces) "can release up to 180 percent more fibers than other textiles."

Info from Ec0uterre article by Amanda Coen. Faux eco and green wash are everywhere, as old skool capitaization ( new school see Ellen Brown for ideas!!)process tries to maintain its parasitic hold on the planet and its inhabitants.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Urban Self Reliance Series

Acrylic paint, felt applique on tweed ground
Detail of Tree of Life Skirt

Last night, the Basic Hand Sewing Skills workshop at the Greenwood Public Library, was "sold out." It was hands on sewing - buttons and snaps, hemming, zipper repair, other hints and tips for those little mending chores that clothes wearers either do or give to others to do. I think we learn to do more by learning to do more. This adds to the creativity pool we all have and should always be replenishing. We are not machines, we are amazing. Last night proved it for me.

DIY (do it yourself) saves time and carbons and enhances digital dexterity as in the original digits, fingers.

" finger is a limb of the human body and a type of digit, an organ of manipulation ... English dictionaries describe finger as meaning either one of the five digits ..."

Learning to do a lot of things means you can help and teach others as well. Right now we are in a surge of reconnecting to the real, the tangible and sensual. I mean how much virtual does it take before the ho hum stets in?

Saturday the 22nd from 2-4 I will be teaching a hand sewing applique class at the Wallingford branch of SPL registration is over, but there might be room if you show up. Thank you Seattle Public Library for this great series. Let them know you appreciate this stuff!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dye Naturally

Lavendar Sprigs and art by Catherine M Condeff.

A new herbal infused dye proces is profiled at Aura, nice.

And the standards approach to sustainable textiles has a new friend -The Global Organic Textile Standard is on the web.

OK, i am wary here, as in the USA, the certified standards of the organic food industry are so watered down to appease corporate agri biz monsters that ...well, what good are they really?

The shame of nations trapped into thinking the world was built the only way it could be built because that is what is- is ludicrous. However textbooks write it with face saving , heroificating nonsense instead of real honest, though oft nasty facts that actually allow us as a species to learn and grow. Wow talk about a developmental stage glitch in the culture!

"Lies My Teacher Told Me" is current text at TESC. that explains the reason we do not learn from history is because we are given such an edited edition we cannot. This is pathetic. So read up my friends, we have a lot at stake.

Saturday, October 8, 2011 Self reliance

marketing for transitions

Seattle Public library is hosting a series of workshops for urbam self reliance. I am doing a few elementary hand sewing "shops" that maxed out audience capacity. This is so nice and I can't wait to help people snag up those pesky falling hems and stabilize the machine sewn buttons that tend to fall off with a thread pull.

Check your library and let them know you want more of this kind of thing. Mushroom hunting pros, how to raise backyard chickens, seismic retrofitting, writing the picture book (i like that one!!) and mine: hand sewing repair DIY (do it yourself)

Check out the events and calendar page, the series runs through the month.

Wed the 19th

Hand Sewing - Repair DIY (Do It Yourself) at the Greenwood Branch
5:30 – 7:45pm
Where: Greenwood Branch
Summary: Learn everyday sewing skills that will save you time and money, from buttons and hand-hemming to zippers and patches. Registration is required; call the branch to sign up.

& Sat the 22nd
Hand Sewn - Upcycle Without a Machine: An Applique And Fancy Stitch Workshop at the Wallingford Branch
2 – 4pm
Where: Wallingford Branch
Summary: Make an applique, then learn about reverse applique and other decorative techniques and ideas that will expand your creative repertoire. Registration is required; call the branch to sign up.