Friday, October 14, 2011

Dye Naturally

Lavendar Sprigs and art by Catherine M Condeff.

A new herbal infused dye proces is profiled at Aura, nice.

And the standards approach to sustainable textiles has a new friend -The Global Organic Textile Standard is on the web.

OK, i am wary here, as in the USA, the certified standards of the organic food industry are so watered down to appease corporate agri biz monsters that ...well, what good are they really?

The shame of nations trapped into thinking the world was built the only way it could be built because that is what is- is ludicrous. However textbooks write it with face saving , heroificating nonsense instead of real honest, though oft nasty facts that actually allow us as a species to learn and grow. Wow talk about a developmental stage glitch in the culture!

"Lies My Teacher Told Me" is current text at TESC. that explains the reason we do not learn from history is because we are given such an edited edition we cannot. This is pathetic. So read up my friends, we have a lot at stake.

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