Thursday, October 20, 2011

Urban Self Reliance Series

Acrylic paint, felt applique on tweed ground
Detail of Tree of Life Skirt

Last night, the Basic Hand Sewing Skills workshop at the Greenwood Public Library, was "sold out." It was hands on sewing - buttons and snaps, hemming, zipper repair, other hints and tips for those little mending chores that clothes wearers either do or give to others to do. I think we learn to do more by learning to do more. This adds to the creativity pool we all have and should always be replenishing. We are not machines, we are amazing. Last night proved it for me.

DIY (do it yourself) saves time and carbons and enhances digital dexterity as in the original digits, fingers.

" finger is a limb of the human body and a type of digit, an organ of manipulation ... English dictionaries describe finger as meaning either one of the five digits ..."

Learning to do a lot of things means you can help and teach others as well. Right now we are in a surge of reconnecting to the real, the tangible and sensual. I mean how much virtual does it take before the ho hum stets in?

Saturday the 22nd from 2-4 I will be teaching a hand sewing applique class at the Wallingford branch of SPL registration is over, but there might be room if you show up. Thank you Seattle Public Library for this great series. Let them know you appreciate this stuff!

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