Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Energy Is

life ...funny how we expend it in exercise then regain more of it in a bounce back. Can this apply to the resources that provide us with the energy to heat our homes, transport us and otherwise help keep our lives interesting? Will we experience a bounce back?

Atoms never run out of energy and everything is made up of the little buggers (yes we could start at quarks -but so show offy...) therefore everything is largely space and "energy' and even inert objects are "moving. " Cool

Perhaps conserving at one level will ignite us in another ...a holistic exchange ...Sparks and delight. Wear vintage and sustain energy.

Vintage 1950s dress made from an unknown fringe fabric. The hat is probably earlier and too funny not to pop on once in a while. The white pouf needed accenting which brought me to the atom symbol and this little mind dance with words. Thanks for your tolerance!