Sunday, January 3, 2016

Viv Westwood , Tribute

"you can change the world, we are the people, we have to. "

Viv Westwood still going strong against the mainstream wind, pushing the tides of change. Doing right, standing tall and well still full of piss and vinegar. Strange phrase to mean "
feminine power"  but thanks to a world of domination, divide and unfounded arrogance, these thoughts float like wasps in the air of social history.

Viv for those who do not know was a punk designer who walked the fine line tween street and couture when there was a line  

Anyway being a hero for the Now Here year of 2016 takes more than words, it takes action and a New Story of who we are and what life means and why we cannot act like kids in toyland ny longer.

(I am working on that, feel free to chime in. Local activism can go beyond protest and create story that will help humans thrive in relationship to the whole life of a living sensual planet.  This is an all connected story. We know enough now to go forward with science, art and LOVE)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trahion in Africa

Creating beauty from waste..the juxtapose of creating human want, media attention  and nature's dramatic impulse.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fan Tees


Pull quote from a recent FB post:
Allen Ensign: Monster Creep is happy to announce, short of an act of god interfering, that merchandise will have t-shirts, these are the first ever Monster Creep t-shirts, simple black with white silk-screen lettering, . . .these are the first ever, Monster Creep t-shirts, right there should make some people I know get out to this show, . . .

And my comment, with hope for the best :-) 
Deborah Barnes some segues here..Hemp folks were promoting MJ seeds (protein) alt medicine and fibers et al as a clean crop as weeds are usually prolific which is why they are called weeds!! 

When a few dots are connected,  the tee shirt fiber, production, labor issues start bubbling around and the topic of investing (aka buying). into what one wants to see "grow" in the world, has to be faced. Most tee shirts are cotton a water hungry crop rarely grown sustainably (not to mention organically) Hemp tees exist, as do ethically sourced cotton shirts I understand the marketing punch but what, who else is getting promoted, under the obvious?

And the outcome:

Allen Ensign yeah, good idea, we are just starting out here, but maybe we should get going in that direction, hemp, . .
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