Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hall of Shame

I've been collecting ads that irk.

I like paper. It started when I was about 8. I would cut people out of the pages of old Sears Christmas catalogs. These were the paper dolls that I would dress in clothes from other pages. With scissors and tape, I could fashion all manner of wearables. That is how I started my designing life.

This penchant for paper and all the graphics, photos, ads, illustrations, and fonts that festoon it, is still with me. I cut or tear out and glue the best bits into old books. Books that are outdated or unloved make great scrappy design notebooks. The fun part is to keep the good stuff, play with color and glue in the new "art." Adding to it with paints or pens is good for the psyche.

Recently the baddy ads started hitting my radar. At first I was looking for eco sane ads but now that 'green" is the new black or something, that isn't fun anymore.


"A closet full of nothing to wear"
"If you think it's nice, Buy it Twice!"
"It's a Mall World"
"Buy More, Save More"
"Buy One Get One Free"

It looks to me that the reduce part of sustainable lifestyles has a way to go. I suggest we put a fine on overproduction, nipping the economies of scale manufacturing rule in it's arse. Singular pricing benefits and creative tools for counterattacking that most pathetic of pastimes, shopping; is a must.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

RecyCouture Tee

This short sleeve black tee shirt was a little too big ...but was a nice weight cotton. So it was a perfect candidate for a refashion make-over.

The baroque influenced design was drawn on freezer paper then cut out to make a stencil. This is a great and inexpensive way to create surface designs. Freezer paper has a waxy back that adheres to the fabric when heated and it is a reusable - press it on, paint in the holes, then peel it off.
After the paint dried I added reverse applique bits from an old metallic cloth costume I inherited from a friend of my mothers in Leavenworth.
Then a few black sequins were sewn on.
The sleeve was lengthened with part of a pleated sleeve from a yard sale shirt made in India and a tulle band aid covered the seam. Sometimes stretch variance makes for an unpretty attachment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

London Calling

I've been invited to attend the fashion event of the decade!

Fashioning the Future Summit 2008
October 27th and 28th
The London College of Fashion is hosting this event, inviting key industry informers and decision makers to debate the question: Can fashion bring about a long term lifecycle change to move us towards a more sustainable economy and better lives.

This is an amazing opportunity and I am happy that my work has been noticed. I recently wrote (prior to this invitation!) a caption for a fashionRIP photo ..."follow your truth as it grows" This my friends, is a result of that seekers heart. The abstract heart where the universe connects with the personal energy, where we are but one and part of the whole at the same time....yup I am a believer.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Night Class

This class was just added. It will start October 22 from 6-9; 12 hours at $110. Work on a project of your own choosing with individual instruction. Bring your sewing machine or use one provided by the great people of the NW Senior center.
The sewing machine with the great Fgyptian motif was my grandmother's.