Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hall of Shame

I've been collecting ads that irk.

I like paper. It started when I was about 8. I would cut people out of the pages of old Sears Christmas catalogs. These were the paper dolls that I would dress in clothes from other pages. With scissors and tape, I could fashion all manner of wearables. That is how I started my designing life.

This penchant for paper and all the graphics, photos, ads, illustrations, and fonts that festoon it, is still with me. I cut or tear out and glue the best bits into old books. Books that are outdated or unloved make great scrappy design notebooks. The fun part is to keep the good stuff, play with color and glue in the new "art." Adding to it with paints or pens is good for the psyche.

Recently the baddy ads started hitting my radar. At first I was looking for eco sane ads but now that 'green" is the new black or something, that isn't fun anymore.


"A closet full of nothing to wear"
"If you think it's nice, Buy it Twice!"
"It's a Mall World"
"Buy More, Save More"
"Buy One Get One Free"

It looks to me that the reduce part of sustainable lifestyles has a way to go. I suggest we put a fine on overproduction, nipping the economies of scale manufacturing rule in it's arse. Singular pricing benefits and creative tools for counterattacking that most pathetic of pastimes, shopping; is a must.

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