Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beautiful Soul and the English Rose

This video is a delightful stroll in ethical, sustainable, beautiful garments designed by Beautiful Soul. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letter to "Coach"

Sacred Economics is a real re-think of resource distribution and relationships. Imagine the possibility!
"Making Life Work in Tough Financial Times: Fully Understanding Abundance, Prosperity and Money",

"There Comes a Time When You Must
Realize That You Are the Only Source There Is
And so it bears repeating: NO one is going to give to you what you have not already given yourself."

Neale D Walsch

This set up in "law of attraction' is irksome, as it is a version of "blame the victim" I understand how much of this works, as i practice dancing with the universe. However, if the above doesn't include synchronistic practices that enable local empowerment, pooling resources and decentralizing power; than the "I've got mine" old skool nonsense is still being shoveled.

It is not untrue, it is just not fully true. If family,  society, the whole human species, all life is one, then limiting this to "isolated" self work isn't enough. We are all reflecting each others emotions, therefore helping everyone heal is as much a self interest as it is for an "others" interest.

Moving into new definitions of resources and abundance helps a person manifest that which is in discovery or aligned with one's "gift to the world" - however to not work to change the outward "manmade superimposition" that has been deemed the "real world' is socially, environmentally and emotionally unethical aka unhealthy. Check out "Catastroika" for a little manmade meltdown.

Why is it that this group of Shift , Attraction etc people fail to look into how the money is made and controlled because that is the pimp in the midst of the mess and no matter how we deck the system out; it still has, at its center a wrongminded win/lose construct designed like a game of musical chairs. (The Money Fix, Sacred Economics, Gar Alperovitz  )

You can't fix a problem using the same thinking that created said problem. -loose how do we face this question of built in inequity?

Seems the whole reason we are at this catalytic time is to act with the courage of our faith. To work on all issues at once (acknowledged yet sequentiated), allows one to see the interrelated connections and then understand what is helpful without causing greater harm elsewhere. And as we are emo reflective creatures, to rise in abundance while others do not,  is bad juju. These are two of the  concepts that help form the quantum visibility mesh, i "use" to see multidisciplinary patterns, connections, interrelations. This allows for a fractal , organic sensibility  that welcomes linear trajectories and chaos alike- words are poor messengers here, doing my best..

UPSIDE: We can now utilize all the world's brilliance towards that better good that enhances life, appreciates its creative diversity, and will move us beyond procreation into the amazing possibilites that will open as we evolve. 

DOWNSIDE and UPSIDE The dis-ease at the heart of the old premise, the old construct -must be recognized, dealt with and redesigned for better flow.

Will ignoring the dis-ease make it go away? Yes, some truth there, however accepting the benefits (monetary reward) of the dis-ease isn't ignoring it..or is it?

sincerely deborah j barnes

PS if one can siphon off the flow and recirculate the money into the reconstructive economic cycle...that makes sense.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Goodwill Outlet bin with Ice Queen materials in foreground.
"The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed through collaboration by leading standard setters with the aim to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide credible assurance to the consumer.
Since its introduction in 2006 the Global Organic Textile Standard has already demonstrated its practical feasibility. Supported by the growth in consumption of organic fibres and by the remarkable demand for unified processing criteria from the industry and retail sector it has gained universal recognition, enabling processors and manufacturers to supply their organic textiles with one certification accepted in all major markets. With the introduction of the logo and labelling system the GOTS has already visually entered not only the shelves of natural textile shops but also of the largest retailers and brand dealers. This is a milestone in consumer recognition and a strong acknowledgement of this reliable quality assurance concept."
As this organization doesn't mention the post consumer phase; i have my concerns.
When setting up production standards, the afterlife of textiles needs to be factored  into the equation; else it is in effect another, albeit greener, form of privatize the benefits and socialize the problems and risks.
Leaving the responsibility of demand (force fed by an industry that preys on our suseptible, egos, preaches "keeping up appearances" and how best to follow fast moving trends while hoisting the faux esteem building banners,  "you are worth it," "you desrve the best" ya-da, ya-da, is as old skool as the issues that created the problems this agenda is apparently trying to remedy. Without digging up the roots, the weed returns, sometimes bigger than ever.
As long as "not my department, job description, mission focus," are accepted cultural mantra these and other similar quaint phrases, will continue to limit our capacities to generate change. The construct defines the beliefs which define the outputs. Ta-da we did good, as defined and restricted by our "reality," therefore we can feel good and not take too big a risk. As this equates with personal development plateaus and that usually means being stuck in the drama we have yet to  understand, then it is time to learn and get over the hump.  We can do this!
Because really, isn't this just negligence of another form?  Overt production processes that endanger the planets hosting capacities are not "more evil"" than the post consumer waste damages. Full product lifecycle measures need reconciling with what we agree to be present or not in the new economic models.
Changing the whole of "business as usual" upsets some people, so i am guessing we aren't as heroic as we wish we were. (I know we wish for heroism because we tell those stories- a lot)
 Or do we take small bites because we have been conditioned to think and act small because (swallow hard, my dears) "Change Takes a Long Time."  (Yup, long enough for the "industry leaders" to gobble the pioneers and prophets and then resurrect them under their own logo or LOGOS)
 FYI: Recycling will not "fix" this problem. Without changing the means (banking system) and ways, of the standard western economic model, we will not outrun the monster.
FYI: Technology is nowhere nearly as efficient as the natural services. History tells us our "fixes," especially when generated by the need to profit, have resulted in horrid side effects. We have enough evidence to understand that if we pursue this "warfare" approach any longer, we all will lose. Even "winners" are losers here - think psychopathic karma (Social Intelligence by D. Goleman
It is time to open up and embrace our place in the whole of life. Embrace the quantum field of energy and realize how we, each of us, are truly unique and yet just a part of something bigger. We are a part of an amazing living universe..and more.