Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great City

cuffs, boutonnieres/corsages, scarves and a tutu off stage
from remnants and donated tulle
Fête du Flâneur

was "An Urban(e) Party hosted by Great City" last Thursday. Sorry for the belated post but as was in on the collaborative costuming event at Habitat Mart i will add after party photos and the like when i get them.

What i can do is tell you that they appear to be a creative, enterprising and fun group with some great DIY spirit. I enjoyed designing on the fly with Rowena of Habitmart; pulling ideas from "they to be costumed" and from Rowena's clothing contributions. I finished sewing up accessory requests the next day.

I am thinking this would be a great workshop idea for any group!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

from life

The Crow Skirt really was a nigh readymade assemble. The skirt was left over from the vintage sell off i had last summer. A friend of mine took the photo with his phone and emailed it to me.
I pulled it into photoshop to blow up the image, pull it off the background and then extract the inside to leave a printable outline that i scanned and blew up into the size i wanted for the skirt.
Tech is great when we control it and not vicey versey!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Copy & Paste

How can i tell if an item is from a fair trade company or what the environmental consequences are in a product's lifecycle (the entire production to landfill chain)?

I just sent this to Neiman Marcus after going through the March e-catalog.

Please copy as proactive consumer actions are always in vogue.

The more we ask companies to explore the ethical consequences the more reason they will have to do so.