Sunday, March 28, 2010

dress for success

About 15 years ago a friend asked me if i was trying to be like a Joan of Arc. i have been questioning our collective social/cultural blinders a long time and she like others before and after, have tried to get me to play along and not rock the little boats of denial.

ok; so that is a guess- but what else could it be?

In doing the Alice in Wonderland entry for fashionRIP i used extra paint to cover a small re-used canvas and came up with the portrait above.

When attempting to remain heroic in spirit, it is good to add a nice visual .

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cross Ref

Live quilts at Pacific Fabrics -
the Jeremy G Quilt (above) will be at the Northgate store.

Ideas are the source of all creation (sounds good & i am not going to overthink it)
Check out the Quilting Arts website for fabric surface design ideas and more

I posted to their forum and hope to cross reference people working in fiberarts and sustainable fashion so we can communicate better across these channels that so connect!

All this because someone at Pacific Fabrics in Northgate told my mother that i should write to the magazine about the quilt that will be hanging in their store April 2 through the 30th-
AKA just following the universe.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Fouled

Yikes. Please read Death by Supermarket. This book by Nancy Deville appears extreme. I borrowed it to use as a reference for a class project on obesity. However when i returned to Seattle after a fashion week in London i noticed a few things. My skin felt dry, i had more gastric distress, my taste buds were deadened and i just didn't feel as well. I considered the fluoride added to our tap water (bad science practice) as i ate similar food. (then remembered Europe has more restraints on poisoning the public for profit, so it probably was different)

This book tells me it is not just my over sensitive self nor is it coincidental. It answers many other questions i had about food, nutrition and modern diseases; questions that i had shelved in the mental warehouse where the "denial' sign hangs. The synchronism was not to be dissed, i have learned to pay attention, so i started reading for full content.

Now for extra pizzaz, several current programs on PBS feature doctors that are pitching diets to improve various ills. They have really created a big problem. That problem is because i am a woman who doesn't want a heart attack and wants a healthy brain; I have to choose just one corrective diet because the diets contradict each other! I am not willing to kill my heart to save my brain or my hormones.

Excuse me, but isn't that when the red flag raises and you have to say there is a bigger issue here. There is something making us prone to these ills and perhaps it is the dead, gmo, processed foods full of chemicals that preserve shelf life, fire up appetities and have us seeking pharma foods with patents because our dead soils grow depraved crops and we are in a USA economic sponsored decline.

Thsi is twisted sick.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Great! Aunt Carrie

This old photo from my grandmother's stash of family history tells me a lot. I first noticed the Arts and Crafts wallpaper, then the clock and the simple clean lines of the chair...what a stylish abode. That she chose to be photographed reading the newspaper is so stand up for the era. The early 1900s in the USA were not that progressive but i think she was. Thank you dble Great Aunt Carrie wife of Uncle Archie on the Wilcox side of the family. I thought it was the Beers who rocked what with Uncle Ferris who invented the ferris wheel ....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Co-op and Techno

now people lets see if Seattle has the guts to strike a stand for green, street up economics.

In the meantime part of the process towards independence involves chapter 2 of the fashionRIP Project; Techno Save. I will be getting a grant soon (positive self talk as application is due this week!) Techno Save will be a steampunk masterpiece as more production bennies under an improved budget warrants high expectations!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tee Skirting

anime print tee married to Laibach Anthems Tour tee

rock in Yugoslavia during the Cold War
(courtesy of Frye Museum)
like the war before the terrorists you know
after the SE Asian war ......
conflict economics 2012