Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Fouled

Yikes. Please read Death by Supermarket. This book by Nancy Deville appears extreme. I borrowed it to use as a reference for a class project on obesity. However when i returned to Seattle after a fashion week in London i noticed a few things. My skin felt dry, i had more gastric distress, my taste buds were deadened and i just didn't feel as well. I considered the fluoride added to our tap water (bad science practice) as i ate similar food. (then remembered Europe has more restraints on poisoning the public for profit, so it probably was different)

This book tells me it is not just my over sensitive self nor is it coincidental. It answers many other questions i had about food, nutrition and modern diseases; questions that i had shelved in the mental warehouse where the "denial' sign hangs. The synchronism was not to be dissed, i have learned to pay attention, so i started reading for full content.

Now for extra pizzaz, several current programs on PBS feature doctors that are pitching diets to improve various ills. They have really created a big problem. That problem is because i am a woman who doesn't want a heart attack and wants a healthy brain; I have to choose just one corrective diet because the diets contradict each other! I am not willing to kill my heart to save my brain or my hormones.

Excuse me, but isn't that when the red flag raises and you have to say there is a bigger issue here. There is something making us prone to these ills and perhaps it is the dead, gmo, processed foods full of chemicals that preserve shelf life, fire up appetities and have us seeking pharma foods with patents because our dead soils grow depraved crops and we are in a USA economic sponsored decline.

Thsi is twisted sick.

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