Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage and Handmade

More is going on in Detroit than those most excellent urban gardeners, the recliamers of post industrial land. Dolly Rocker's Vintage and Handmade fashion and accessories deserve some spot in the Detroit headlights, too.

The street up urbanscape creatives that are ecosystem recyclers and innovators are the design masters of this era. We are the post industrial, beyond additive techno actionaries that understand humans need real sensory contact with other humans, real food enhanced by nature not patented chemical pretenders and clothing that is re-appreciated or made new by the hand of someone who cares. That is about the energy of the whole, not just the "product."

We are made of stars, lets act accordingly! .

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ode to Seattle

fiber work, starring an old watch face, beads and a remarkable part of a print
that called out to be a space needle- on re-use wool

Its about a sense of place, home, and though it can let you down and does.. a lot.....for some reason the memories and hope are here, unless i leave the whole USA. Then that would let the bullies own the playground and that is principally, environmentally and all around ..unsound!

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Whether you choose to manufacture and source abroad or here in the UK, both options have the potential to nurture sustainability in the fashion industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding more information on where products are from and how they are made, meaning companies who are able to provide it are capitalising on a longterm trend. FRANK AND FAITH and PEOPLE TREE speak to the SOURCE Magazine to give us insider advice on the benefits and opportunities of working globally vs locally - as well as the associated challenges. "

(Capitalize - the word needs an upgrade as well as the system. Much like religion, its been abused by self interest lurking in the guise)

The USA is still miles behind, but no matter. We are where we are. Anyone who reads this please go forth and tell others that wearing garments that jeopardize the health of the biosphere, the wearer, worker and the dharma of life/energy is -----foul.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrate Beingness

Open Heart/Open Mind

amulet: fabric, costume jewelry, hair and embroidery on wool.
In a materialist vision we have forgotten to live. Seduced by e-distractions and corn syruppy glucose spikes, we are abetting our own physical, emotional and spiritual suicides. Why?