Friday, March 6, 2009

Shayla 2

More Shayla design magic!
Patching onto an old zip front cardigan; recreates with the fun stuff while the tedious sewing is readyMade.
Pictures taken at the Sanctuary Art Center.

Letter to FashionWeek

"Hi G,
i received your email as was part of the old fashion group though never made it to a meeting as didn't fit my schedule and they weren't very enthusiastic about nufashion (working term that includes all eco, sustainable and transitional -recyCouture, reFashion etc)

I am the designer/writer/etc of the fashionRIP Project and have 'done my homework" and it is way past time to pick up the pace, knock fast fashion off its sweaty plastic pedastal and work on the economic, ethical, aesthetic change of fashion and style.

The Manifesto of the Fashioning the Future Summit 2008 that i was invited to and attended last October, will be out next month. This international event was sponsored by the first Sustainable Fashion Centre at the London College of Fashion and it is painful to see the US so far behind and frankly m'dears so boorishly bourgeois and dead headed.

"We can and we must do better than this" was the eco inspired legacy statement of Dr. Suess.

i am trying to see outside the parameters of the what is and if the 'creatives" do not take on this challenge ..then who will?

thank you,

deborah barnes