Saturday, August 23, 2008

Damage Control

This quilt is part of the collection shown on this site awhile ago. The holes and mottling occurred while being folded and stored in plastic bags. The mottling may be evened out with Biz but its a do at your own risk and I am not bothered by it...I am into the imperfect.
However the holes were another matter and skewered with usability. The largest hole was repaired by taking out the entire square block and making a new quilted one to set back in.
The triangle patch was laid on top of the problem and I cut out from under it. The backing and the batting were set in and then I quilted it; having to work with the whole weight of the entire quilt.
I thought I might have a "this is the better approach" but actually both had their plus/minus package.
Other small holes were repaired with fabric from the good bits of the pulled out patch when possible.
RESULTS: I saved someone's hard work and memories, someone's heritage and though I haven't any direct connection to the original quilter back in the 1800's ...I am connected in the larger space and it feels really good!
So just do it...human made reality when it connects to the "ultra real" world is the best!
Email me with questions if any on your own restoration projects.