Monday, December 21, 2009

Ragamuffin Wreath

First step is to locate a wire coat hanger and pull it out of shape to form a circle of sorts.
This is great as the hanger has that natural hook to hang the wreath when you are done, just squinch it a bit .

I used old sheets though any old fabric can work. (I used sheets for muslins so clients saved them for me)

Rip it into strips aproximately 1.5 inches by 7" then tie each strip onto the hanger base, starting next to the hook. If you want less flop - make the strips shorter etc. Okay now just keep going until you cover the hanger. Make sure you push the ties up tight against the one that went before.

I forget how many strips it took, suffice to say it takes plenty.

Then tie on a few ornaments. i used old metal ones from a rummage sale. The wire edged bow covers up the hook.

When you are satisfied with the look of your wreath, it is time to stop.
Happy Winter Solstice to You and the Ones You Hold Dear

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrting Wall

Desperate times call for creative measures.

Embroidery Challenge!

The more i learn about the operations of stat quo the more outragesd i get. People see the Age of Stupid to feel informed and superior yet where can i go and see true Smart Alt Action? (Not a non-profit as they are dependent on the mega profit culture's mores)

Where are the tools (capital and labor) to nurture sanity; to build the new economic infrastructure based on what we know now? We need to build with the reality of today's science. From neuroscience to physics, biology to archeology all have changed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution, however our economic and social sets are hindered by the narrow sights of that archaic framework.

The Neo World of Alt Action will not spring from that old construct as it is against its model of capital gains that outweigh (immensely!) all other measures. The old balance sheets are inadequate for the new tomorrow. We need credit and debit columns for the environment, social equity, karma, future sanities etc..

The Embroidery (or any thread & fabric composition) Challenge is to :

Put Your $ where your Heart is.

Friday, December 4, 2009

fashion waste

equals lost carbons spewed into the atmosphere with negative values attached.

The production of the garment takes energy - the manufacturing plants where weaving, dyeing cutting, assembling and sewing the fabric take place are energy suckers. The fiber crops as well as synthetic fiber production all take energy before and after the processing. Getting all the pieces together via various transpotation means before it even gets to that manufacturer takes lots of energy!

I am not going to bring up the slave labor conditions in much of this nor the callous abuse of resources like water and soils because it is huge mongous; and deserves its own headlines.

If the garment is part of an over run then carbons are emitted getting rid of the thing and there is absolutely zero real value added. (this gets tricky as labor/pay needs factoring in as a plus but then the game of illusions enters the scene)

OK Lets face it; our economic model is a spoilt brat. The brat has survived by tossing the majority a few crumbs as it plays the game of victory and spoils. NO MORE!!! We are wiser, techier, more communicative and full of spirit. We are going a different route. The curtain is down and the brat is visible.

Co-op anyone?

Please take a few minutes for Cap and Trade a great short on the Global Warming Summit