Saturday, May 30, 2009

charming degrade

the more she wears it the better it gets
- notice the threads and tears that give this skirt personality

dressing for yourself, jewelry artist style
PS i lost your name, please email me if you see this
as credits are important!

last weekend i was selling my vintage clothing and textile collection out of a couple of dedicated rooms in my parent's house. This sales approach started with collectibles, went on to the textiles and the next one is records, cds, books and crafts.

the surprise has been that it feels more like a house party than a store and we are meeting the greatest people.

i highly recommend this way of promoting the re-use of goods. Also it is a boost to the local economy and in this case, the fashionRIP Project.

PS i am losing capital letters purposefully, just for the fun and balancing of it. ( gaining sustainable capital on one side which is offset by losing unnecessary capital on the other...hmmmm)



I love vintage clothing, finding one of pieces of clothing that no one has is such a great feeling, just because no one will be wearing it, only you.

I have been buying vintage clothing from ebay a lot and found this ebay store called vintagefreakclothing -

Anything vintage and retro is there, from peacoats to vintage t-shirts.

They also have a facebook group called vintage freak clothing, check that out aswell because they have some funny videos and prize draws happening every week, something called FREAK of the week.

There slogan is


deborah said...

i do not know this shop. These days one must be prudent and skepticism is part of the turf. This looks like an advertisement pretending to be a simple comment. Beware