Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ethical Fashions Twist

i have a friend getting his masters in Occupational Therapy and we got to talking about designing for physical issues. I was wondering how many designers thought about it and today came across Chris Ambraisse founder and designer of A&K Classics in the Eco Fashion World e-letter.

About 15 years ago my mother made a dress for a young girl with an enlarged heart that caused a hump in her little back and expanded her chest. The mother just wanted her daughter to have a pretty dress. I never thought i would revisit this memory under these circumstances but in the new definition of fashion, it certainly has a place.

i am taking on a new challenge. This one is to do a presentation/lecture for SCCC that will be delivered Fall Quarter. The theme for the class that quarter is body and spirit and i was asked to develop my talk on sustainable fashion with that in mind. The topic is larger than the umbrella issues i was planning to talk about, but accepting the path as it unfolds enlightens in surprising ways.

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