Friday, May 18, 2012

Permanently Pressed

Formaldehyde is one of those insidious chemical killers that have been normed for "modern" living. Check it out!!

Clothing that is wrinkle free may save time and energy up front but in the long run it  is a gamblers trade out for cancer, asthma, allergies....

This is how the "good for corporations" (profit focus) over "good for people" (life/health focus) is killer. Giving so much power to a monetary construct that needs growth and losers, has gobbled up our "commons." Our common sense, air, water, soil, connectivity, etc. has all been compromised.

This is silly human antic crap from great heights but frustrating, maddening, scary stupid at street level.

Common sense says to stop killing each other. Profit says fear, scarcity, hype and a fast get away make money. The profit game stops when there is nothing left to take. Its win threatens diversity of life. Diversity aids creativity, creativity is how we adapt. Seems to me we  need that now more than ever.

Besides, being pawns of a system built on false beliefs is just wrong. That is a permanent depress.

EEEWWWW and it will eventually contaminate everything.

AKA the price of our current systems pathology may be at the expense of our very ability to be thriving amazing creatures. This focus on a shallow gamer world view sabotages other plans. This, at a time when we need to be open to the whole of our "beingness."  We are biological forms infused with cosmic energy, born of stars, we are more than our sum, we are...?

Let's go there! Explore our potential, maximize possibilities and amaze ourselves. I mean the alt just sucks, surely we don't want to go down that drain. Thrive chickadees, escape the cage, fly and find who you are, enter becoming!

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Judith van Praag said...

Good point Deborah. Your last words (no pun intended) reminded me of Stephen Hawkin's docu on us, our environment and the firmament ~~~space. Great to have met in person yesterday. Look forward to the next time!