Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open Sew

Yesterday i committed to starting this project in front of my two "what is the meaning of life" friends. Now I will not let them, myself and the Kerf mix and match troupe of volunteers, down. Saying things out loud is  good, saying them out loud in front of people you care about is better. (One more for the social impact connection)

Open Sew is a free community resource. I will be there from 4-6:30 pm every Wednesday to answer your sewing questions, help pattern layouts, unravel the language of the stitch, help with projects and talk eco fashion merits over fast fashion markets.

You may bring your own machine or you may use one on location. The wonderful people from Sew Up Seattle have contributed machines and notions for that purpose. Others have donated fabrics. You see, there is a lot of stuff to play with, all that is missing is -you!

Learning to sew is a great way to exprss yourself, is useful and time saving, carbon and waste not friendly (in house repairs cover that green boast legitimately :-) and promotes the can do spirit that often gets stuck in one lane via a society of experts suffering from tunnel vision.

I named 2012 the year of transition and healing. As of today, i believe this is on track. I feel a convergence zone of spirit, compassion, past and present forming. Is this the power of love? I believe so and i am putting everything on it. Still walking the tightrope without a net......still moving!

On the fence? Consider:

Sewing can be an asset to interdisciplinary meta learning that enables us to see how we connect to else. This sounds lofty perhaps, but seriously, fashion history is full of politics and economic nonsense. Fabrics, dyes, patterns and planned obsolescence have threads that permeate multiple membranes (toxic infiltrators and more...truly a sci fi non fiction tale in unfolding!)

 Sewing is a way to reenter the world of texture, analog color, sound and even scent- to restore the vastly superior sensory model we were born to use. Digital plusses are many but should be accessories, not the garment of life.
Kerf International Exhibits Cancelled until further notice...
Wallingford Center
1815 n 45th st
bus routes 44 and 16, free parking
Wednesdays 4:00 to 6:30 pm
206 545 4994 ( please leave a "real" message)
with OPEN SEW as the subject.
PS Starting soon , had a set back write if you want info thnx

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