Monday, April 16, 2012

Street Up and Independent

 found art, drawing on the #44 bus with added text

Feeling so  validated by the book, Shoot It! Hollywood Inc and the Rise of Independent Film, by Davis Spaner.  I have been spouting off about fashion's lack of great design and though some couture pieces break the jadescape, a whole lot of bore is hanging on the racks.

Spaner notes how the film industry run by appliance makers has focused on product placement and gratuitous noise in order to grow. Aha this really is what has happened to fashion, theater , music, more,  as well. Perhaps it is because:

(p 16)
"Of course, not every purely independent film is great cinema, but like Warner Bros, when it really was the Warner Brothers, independent filmmakers are more willing to take risks than today's business grad--turned-studio executives who always choose the safe route. And it is risk taking that makes possible the movie that shatters expectations. "

And risk taking makes for great music, the plays that break out and sing, clothes that strut , art that sustains the soul, enriches the heart. We thrive via change. Risk generates great design. Even the moguls will die without the independents.  I mean, that is where their crop of "next ideas" comes from, without creative diversity we shall surely risk devolution. Without nurturing possibilities, fewer can grow. It is not a good time to lower potential by elimnating possibilities Global warming ain't going away!
Corporate rule hates risk (yet will risk the ability of this planet to sustain quality of life-go figure!)  Change is risk, therefore stagnation and narrowing rules the game. Monopoly becomes a bore and we are there! However the indies are rising , street up and grass roots are the future. Find your passion and collect with others to be great!! Dare to speak up, as every energy given to positive change reinforces the light.

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