Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beautiful Sustainable, Sublime

Photo is cover of latest Sublime Issue, please check them out, 
subscribe or just let them know you care!!

This is a treat. I met the Sublime editor, Damian Santamanai, in London 2009 at the Eco Design Fair after party. The Eco Design Fair was where i had my first really public, speaking engagement. Nicola of Beautiful Soul propped me up from jet lag (i had flown in just hours earlier) and handed me a glass of champagne. I believe it went well, as had thought about the talk for days but never really wrote it down. However we were pitched up next to Carnaby Street (the home of Mods and Mary Quant) which totally influenced my early design aesthetique, so I started there, with appreciation for British style.

While other kids bought candy and toys with their allowances, i bought Vogue and crayons.

 So I am delighted to see the magazine alive and well. I tried to get the local colleges (Seattle) interested in subscribing but they shined me on...i also tried to get the attention of SPL i think...must put this back on the to do list.

It has been a few years more of proving that business as usual is not working out as most of us expected. Surely it is time to change the direction!! Sublime embraces the positive side of change and we need all of that we can get. For some reason the most natural thing in the world, change, is often met with suspicion, fear, or other negative reactions. When did we learn this?

PS if you go to the Mods link you will see that they are set up against the Rockers. Mods vs Rockers was possibly one of the most influential Life Magazine stories of my youth. I have a grade school report written from that article, i must dig it out and post the photos  --oh and I was in love with the Rockers!

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