Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion Field Guide

food for the machine of life aka .nihilism parading as progress
Fashion Ecology and Evolution

How what we wear, do and create impacts what we wear, do and create. The mindful life will design itself. It will be fabulous!

I am almost through with my formal studies is environmental science and communications. The college i am attending is big on social justice, so that is my default major. I can now truly claim to be a meta disciplinary student of life, ongoing and ever changing. This is rock and roll.

Knowing how social injustice impacts access to resources, health, hierarchies and contributes to the Machiavellian and narcissistic attempts to control life, means I have to address it in order to go forward.

This super control of “life” is a bad idea and I can prove it. Then I will be free to go into how fashion can play a part in this re-volutionary drama. Really, fashion, art, poetry, video all have starring roles this next round, as co-creativity usurps procreativity.

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