Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going to a meet-up in a few weeks and in my rsvp comment i wrote,
"i want to know what fabrics they carry that might be considered eco sane. (is a lesser/more thing as yet) I know the Northgate store carried some nice hemp weaves and knits, clean processed bamboos, tencel (?) & "healthy" organic cotton- if local water supply isn't endangered- etc. Also new dye techniques are being created to offset the coal tar "norm" This is the elephant in the fabric shop perhaps, but so be it!! -& This is just the tip of the trunk "

Sometimes speaking up is tricky, you never know what kind of reception you will get. This takes the "box of chocolates" metaphor to the next level. If the focus is on the chocolate and not the how, what, where, why and the whole of cocoa bean possibilities, we lose much in both the concept and the reality.

Happy Valentines Day, though i cringe at the market's absurd takeover i laud the sentiment. Today i promise to choose love over fear, that is my challenge, feel free to make it yours.

satin, velvet, beaded, embroidered valentines that 
hang on my wall to remind me of that which is truly valuable.

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