Monday, November 5, 2012

Bonk: Creative Financing

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Bonk is the name for an investment plan that Pants to Poverty is establishing as a means to expand it's operation . They say it will "impact"  farmers and factory workers and provide a return on the investment.

I am leery of the word " impact" being used rather than the word help or will stabilize, improve, add to the farmer's and worker's plus columns...something that explains the impact.

In fact this bonk thing seems just another crowdfunding raise the capital drive. The difference is the return on investment rather than a weeks worth of britches and the like. Interesting idea.

Financial regulations (bankers making their own rules) create the restrictions that keep just "anyone" from opening a bank. This "in crowd" thinking in the banking industry has created a monster and as it fails to reign it in, then bonks might be new generative banking entity that can help it return to reason.

Bonks might be forerunners of currency flow where systems support local economics that jive with quantum reality, connections, people over profit and a slew of other bennies that support the rainbow of human potentials, not just that bankers grey.

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