Thursday, November 22, 2012

Toxic Threads

graphics fro Toxic Threads PDF, download it from Greenpeace site and spread a story we need to know, thnx
The "Toxic Threads"report from Greenpeace is a downloadable pdf that you can get on their website.

This report has visual appeal and a lot of information . This is the stuff that can help us make those better choices and is an easy one to point out to others. (Some people just won't wade through data and peer reviewed reseach papers)

What we all contribute to the world comes in many forms. Good deeds and helping others makes us feel good, healthy living makes us feel good, putting it together makes good sense. The emotional, spiritual and physical well being of organisms are interrelated. This is whole systems thinking.

There is such a simple truth in life. Too bad our economic construct is built from thousands of years of false beliefs. We let it roll along, going along with the notion that  a few wealthy, privileged humans had the right to extract what they wanted from this planet. Really, isn't it time to move along. We are witnessing the effects of their delusions.

As we help each other learn, we help understand the alliances that really impact our well being. Relationships matter, between persons, animals, ecosystems, everything. Together we will overcome the ignorant patterns of the past.

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