Friday, July 6, 2007

Sew Basic and REcyCOuTuRE classes

Hello Recycouturiers,
The class intro is Monday July 23rd for both the Basic Skills Sewing and the Recycouture classes.
Wednesday the 25th is the next Recycouture class and the following Monday resumes the Basics ...and on until the 27th and the 29th respectively. The hours for all sessions are from 2-4. I am sorry if there has been some confusion. I can't wait to meet you all.

The full class information is posted on the Sustainable Ballard website. Copy and paste the long url
or just go to and check out the events list or the home page calendar; where you can click on the 23 which is the date of the free introduction class.

I found this semi finished dresser scarf at an estate sale and added the figure and the lamp from a blown up photograph. A good skirt or apron panel perhaps ...right now it hangs awaiting inspiration.

See you in class!

Mixed Greens Gallery

The 3 postings under this one are all photos of reclaimed garments from the Shoreline Community College costume closets 2005 clean out. The Rachel and City Birds Skirts were once mens slacks; I leave the waistbands and pockets adding darts and nipping in side seams and center backs to focus on the fun of the applied designs. The old menswear wools are machine washed to assure durability, shake out moth damage and just because I won't work on it otherwise. I like recycled fabrics but the residual body traces need to be eliminated, thank you.

City Birds

Remember Rachel Carson

Tweeds in the Tree of Life

Phoenix Rising

recycled denim jeans skirt
acrylic fabric paint
and metallic threads