Tuesday, May 8, 2007

not Shrunk-FELTED

when you didn't intend to shrink it - a little re-styling may be in order. When too minimized to wear or when the knit takes the hand of a board, then it is great for cut outs and appliqu├ęs -there's no ravel in felted fiber!

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Ardis said...

Great idea! I was hanging on to a wool sweater I had shrunk and couldn't let go of and rediscovered it looking for patching material. While my friend was patching I was lamenting the sweater when I decided to put it to use by creating a doggie jacket for my son's new shepard. I pulled out my Jansport backpack with the leather bottom worn through and cut off the straps for a dog harness and the pack for the back of the sweater. I'm so proud! I used the sleeves for leg-warmers.