Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the amazing DISconnect

I have been busy getting another degree determined to figure out what created the state of the state aka how can so many good, intelligent and well meaning people function and maintain a set of arbitrary rules and relationships based on traditions that have been so full of dogma and dung that they should have collapsed ages ago?

We all know the king has no clothes and appears to be protected only by the national myths. This is the same rhetoric underlying the business as usual, turn a lemon into lemonade sit com of promo voice and the Home Shopping Network suggesting lightweight ponchos for the global warming trend. Really! this from an an article in the Seattle Times (12/2/07) by M.Barbaro as "weird weather has big effect on business." Does this not suggest a change in the why and what of business, a wake up to consumer madness? .....Pshaw darlin' it's now to win as the maddest hatter of all! Ta ra ta ra.....for:

true to the business mantra, several fashion industry leaders are hiring climatologists in order to make fast fashion suitable for the new era. How long before we point to the king and say "hey dude you're up for a bad case of melanoma!" and understand the cancer in us is the cancer we have become in the push for market dominations reliant on resource abuses. Well I see the duh in the TA DA! and won't be keeping quiet.