Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wash First

I always wash garments before refashioning. if the fabric won't take it, well then that is usually it. Sometimes really cool things happen but don't count on it. If the fabric is extremely lovable and you fear tossing it into a washer then find a green cleaner. Seattle has a few so we're good here but other places may not be as fortunate. Dry cleaning chemicals are toxic and will leach into your skin.

Oh and new clothes or textiles ...wash before wearing or cutting as they usually contain formaldehyde and other toxins. Washing will only get rid of some chemical finishes but a little is better than nothing...(will post on eco wise fibers soon!)

I made the wool cashmere plus blend dress in the photo then took it apart and tried to dye the fabric but the result was awful.. it is best to take a cut from the hem, a facing or the like and test before tossing the whole of it into a washing machine.

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