Thursday, January 29, 2009


is relevant, unique or limited in production to meet real demands not inflated desires of excess.....NuFashion is sustainable and ethical It can be refashion, recyCouture, made from eco friendly fibers, woven and processed in LEEDs certified buildings (okay soon!) or by communities reflecting their cultural traditions and/or other means of production with a plus or benefit greater than the costs and toxicity of production, transportation and other energy usage - the negative offsets. (how to decide? we will learn as we go...but with awareness this round!)

NuFashion is street up and legit.
NuFashion is branded by the creators and not the distillers of fashionable society. (to distill is to ferment as fashion is to style)
NuFashion stomps the mere fashionable!
NuFashion is now and next.

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