Friday, July 24, 2009

vegan shoes

I am curious about the faux leather or Vegan products ......not from animal sources. Is that a necessarily good thing when looking at full product lifecycles as most (if not all) faux leather is a petroleum based product which causes a lot of toxicity in recycle and production processes whereas organic (animal) products are microbe friendly and add nutrients to soils as they breakdown. Petrol breakdown is part of our plastic waste nightmare etc.

I am caught on this issue and can argue well for either side using the sustainable agenda as a platform. That is why it is one of those tricky gray issues.

My feet sweat puddles in plastic and leather breathes, so for feet's sake i am opting for leather. When it comes down to it, the healthiest rules.


Anderburf said...

There are some really good vegan shoes out there that are also made out of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Vegan Chic is my favorite spot because you can search by material to find shoes made with things like hemp and recycled car tire. You can have the best of both worlds!

deborah said...

Thank you. This is great for sport and casual shoes. Recycled rubber is good bottom material and hemp toppers, nice; but for high heels and boots, i still go leather.

Sustainable farming without animal cruelty is part of this scene as well as less or no meat eating. However even dairy cows die and why not use the leather?