Thursday, January 29, 2009


is relevant, unique or limited in production to meet real demands not inflated desires of excess.....NuFashion is sustainable and ethical It can be refashion, recyCouture, made from eco friendly fibers, woven and processed in LEEDs certified buildings (okay soon!) or by communities reflecting their cultural traditions and/or other means of production with a plus or benefit greater than the costs and toxicity of production, transportation and other energy usage - the negative offsets. (how to decide? we will learn as we go...but with awareness this round!)

NuFashion is street up and legit.
NuFashion is branded by the creators and not the distillers of fashionable society. (to distill is to ferment as fashion is to style)
NuFashion stomps the mere fashionable!
NuFashion is now and next.


is stylish ie conforms to current style or is in association with persons of fashion ie a chic boutique or when used as a noun, fashionable means a stylish person.

SYNONYMS ( are fashionable, chic, dashing, in, modish, posh, sharp, smart, stylish, swank, trendy.

So what is this? as when one is fashionable one isn't truly stylish for a person of style is known for their own style. Having a style of ones own should be fashionable but if it is a current style it is already passe as many designers steal from street creatives then brand the looks for wholesale reproduction and profit which kills the beauty of the original genius. It does force new ideas (good) but reproduces them to excess because of the economic system we were taught to buy into (very bad -for resources, humans and goodness oh my!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

cause and effect

the focus on economic gain and the material world looked good to the common people when products were limited and only a few nobles controlled the wealth.
So capitalism had its day and now drowning in products and floundering with its "wealth' it has proven to be a lot like cancer. Devouring resources and delivering toxins it is fast killing its "host."

We know the cure, we want it, we need it - yet the old ways are so ingrained we fear the changes that will kill them, even though they'll save us!
Weird - like the abused wife that won't leave her husband.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clever Monkeys

a great program on PBS Nature series. Some monkeys maintain territorial hierarchy- the upper class get the upper branches, some farm, some communicate between species and one group dies more from its own kind than anything else- via murder and war.

Could it be that as a species we are still just following the monkey king and are afraid to really listen to "ourselves" to go "inside for the answers"?
Is it because the intuitive mind, the inner "knowing" has been enslaved by the logical mind and the material world, with it's man made constructs and all that noise keeps us from believing our own power (inner and/or higher, as descriptions vary but not the "gift") is that all there is to it? Dang! Is that why denial is huge and justification keeps the boats from rocking? Is that why labels validate us and "truth" changes?

All this monkeying around, with 2012 so close. Its wakey shakey time! paradigm shift or devolution days; it isn't too difficult to believe in the truth we were born with -or is it?