Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urban Crafters

en masse at the Urban Craft Uprising this weekend (8/1 and 8/2)
It will be cool inside the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center and the last time i attended i smiled a lot. Checking out the vendors this time around i see that many are picking up on the green. More smiles.

Friday, July 24, 2009

vegan shoes

I am curious about the faux leather or Vegan products ......not from animal sources. Is that a necessarily good thing when looking at full product lifecycles as most (if not all) faux leather is a petroleum based product which causes a lot of toxicity in recycle and production processes whereas organic (animal) products are microbe friendly and add nutrients to soils as they breakdown. Petrol breakdown is part of our plastic waste nightmare etc.

I am caught on this issue and can argue well for either side using the sustainable agenda as a platform. That is why it is one of those tricky gray issues.

My feet sweat puddles in plastic and leather breathes, so for feet's sake i am opting for leather. When it comes down to it, the healthiest rules.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sara of Devout Dolls

Sara in a 1920s vintage red flapper dress at her opening reception last Thursday at Some Space in Pioneer Square where the artist premiered "The Big Sleep" collection. Check out the show to really see the beautiful attention to detail and "staging" that makes these dolls works of art.
In the meantime wander her website is worth it!