Saturday, January 23, 2010


in sustainability.....the study of connections, the study of everything? Wow

Well that isn't offered at Evergreen State College (Tacoma) so I am going for a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Communications.

To be an acceptable instigator in a field that does not as yet exist in the US never the less needs to be sanctified by reassuring papers that announce one's ability to reform a part of "the system." The fact that the papers are earned via the very education model that enabled all that dysfunction in the systems appears moot.

The bane of humanity is to become part of, to enable and to find succor within the very system that must then be set aside in order to allow newer truths to emerge. That is the rub, for becoming an insider makes it hard to become the disruptor because that messes with survival.

It's the classic "bite the hand that feeds, " encoded to confuse, encoded to keep constructs alive. The system, organization, corporation, nation -all are mere concepts, things that humans made up. However as they now outlive the individuals they were built to serve, we accredit them with more power than given to mere mortals who will die and therefore must be replaceable, cogs in the machine, a number in the human resources. We appear to be dehumanizing ourselves in order to fit into the machine we made up.

This is weird crap!

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