Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Travel Style

entertainment center, the retro pinball (left) ....
could be a draw!

edible processed food stuffs and pinball,
stray to the right - at least here, my dear!
Seattle: Nice art deco ticket counter, carpet is cool,
but a little work on the rest would be nice.
A mural on the wall would be a good project.
I went to Vancouver Eco Fashion Week via Greyhound. It was between the train and the bus because one can't go to an eco show and do it in a carbon heavy, single driver and vehicle way -because that is just wrong!

However if "we" want to actually get more public onto public transportation then we need to take a look at the stations.

As a public service and because I like to make the most of waiting, I shot some photos and video about this form of travel.

How can a community embrace its own local ready made modes of public transportation? Now your turn, take the answer and run with matter, you can make change are brilliant... accept the challenge.

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