Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Reflections

man covered with blue blanket on sidewalk

I opted out this year. I am grateful for the level of comfort and security i have but am too aware of the practices and policies that are keeping some in the lap of luxury while others are trashed.

Diversity and incentive aid true progress yet progress narrowly defined by those with the power to do so, is not open to a full spectrum of creative innovation. This definition has actually killed early adapters. DC current wasn’t Einstein, electric cars at the turn of the 20th century lost to Fords industrialist methods. I once had a light bulb that burned for years.

Planned obsolescence is a manipulated “necessity” in a consumer based economy. That practice leads to turning commodities into waste as fast as possible. This has been measured as economic growth. The commodities mindset now includes food and human beings. This sucks when it comes to sustainability.

I had to say "NO." I will not play this game. I will not swallow industrial modified turkeys nor GMO soy vegen alternatives. I will not chew on the myths of progress and civilization as defined by narrow and ignorant standards.

I will focus on CONNECTED and try to understand why it is so hard to get people to grasp the sustainable economic power that will enable better governance and lifestyles. We (the united, collaborative, vested we) really can upset this waxed apple cart!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1000 natural print Dresses

The garden inspired dresses at 1000 dresses are ethereal and fairytaled yet contemporary.

Tempted to try this flower hammering technique on silk to see how many natural dye colors can be heat set. That's just me!
I encourage you dear reader to check out this 'green plus' artist who can really dress up the walls.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Anna Herman

Eco vintage syle from Anna Herman Designs makes great holiday wear.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nate from Idaho

Nate and I had a great conversation last September about Greyhound stations. According to Nate who has been traveling awhile, Seattle has one of the least maintained stations he has vistited so far.

Why is that?

Seattle brags all green savvy and yet when it comes to real active promoting like getting public transportation attractive ie user friendly....hmmm

It appears we are talkers and not really doers, unless its in the best interest of the few....& they know who they are.

CONNECTED is about the action stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Travel Style

entertainment center, the retro pinball (left) ....
could be a draw!

edible processed food stuffs and pinball,
stray to the right - at least here, my dear!
Seattle: Nice art deco ticket counter, carpet is cool,
but a little work on the rest would be nice.
A mural on the wall would be a good project.
I went to Vancouver Eco Fashion Week via Greyhound. It was between the train and the bus because one can't go to an eco show and do it in a carbon heavy, single driver and vehicle way -because that is just wrong!

However if "we" want to actually get more public onto public transportation then we need to take a look at the stations.

As a public service and because I like to make the most of waiting, I shot some photos and video about this form of travel.

How can a community embrace its own local ready made modes of public transportation? Now your turn, take the answer and run with matter, you can make change are brilliant... accept the challenge.