Saturday, July 30, 2011

connections and patterns

Connections and patterns, once you see them, you will not be the same.

Consider the ocean food web and the way species support and enable each other's lives in a dance of life and death. This harmony is disrupted when a species prevails and dominates the territory. This causes eco system unbalance that can become disastrous for the species that out-thrived its system

At a certain point it hits a max population and then it starts to decline as illness from the environmental damage of overpopulation, disrupts the food webs and things start falling like dominoes. This is part of the evolution picture, the point where a species adapts to new circumstances, ie moves on in skills or place or both, or bids the planet adieu.

Humans are not immune.

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GreenDream said...

Well said Deborah. Humans are not immune, in fact we are the keystone species that determines the fate of countless others. Keep up the great work! I love the way you integrate your passion for design with your environmental awareness. You are helping create a future we can all live with!