Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ethical Fashion

Can fashion and ethical share the same sentence? Is fashion in its full blown accoutrement ever really sustainable and who, how or what is defining? As the fox in charge of the henhouse has been the way and means of current states of insanity, once again it is up to us. US as in you, me and anyone who wants to state opinions. Like voting with the dollar, we vote and share our opinions with dress.

Fashion is a product of style and style a byproduct of personality and clothing a byproduct of protection from the elements, which is a good thing for furless critters like us.

A cute story about the first accessory was in the book "Art and Fashion" (Marcel Vertes in collaboration with Bryan Holme, 1944)  Eve is looking into a stream (Narcissus  adapted to the feminine is another path for another time!) when a leaf falls from the tree above and lands on her head. She appreciates the look and twists the stem into her hair, thus inventing the first hat. (She also runs to get Adam's approval and therein lies the Venus Mars "story"  that is perpetuated through culture via experts interviewing the seduced, reflecting the reflection )

Fashion as an indicatorof the social construct has been woven throughout written history and even before, however, it never hurts to unravel the lot and see the silly along with the sublime.

Appreciating the truth of the whole sets loose a whole palette of grey areas and much like black and white photography (Ansel Adams early master was all about the gray tones) the richness is in the depth of the play between light and dark.