Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lifecycle of Tee Shirt

Tee shirt reFashion skirt 2010 
for fashionRIP Project samples

Product Life Cycles are part of the unified field viewpoint.

When we learn to see total pictures and therefore full costs, we will learn to weigh the world's valuable collective assets in a better light. When we do, I have great faith that we will reassign the language of wealth and prosperity in ways that align with the principles of life, planet systems and evolution.

I believe we are in a living uni-verse. Our planet is a design of biotic and abiotic systems that support life and we need to understand that this is about symbiotic relationships, as eventually what we do, say, see, feel, think, hear and touch is connected to all else.

Early industrialists saw Nature as bountiful, infinite even, and was there to use, to take advantage of and to capitalize upon. This ideology stems from Judeo/Christian pull quotes and ego inflated man/god constructs that are still alive and kicking today. (see the Takers in Ishmael novel by Daniel Quinn)

Guess what?  The concepts are wrong, killer even, and therefore against the best interests of even those who maintain the main frame. (idea framing as handed down via the culture formally and informally) Is this crazy or what?

Seriously, we are capable of much more than we thought or were taught to think. When we open up to new ideas, more possibilities open up as well. 

We are growing up, maturing as a species and taking on the heart, spirit energies we once were told to diss for having no scientific proof behind them.

Now, thanks to our advanced technology, we have the measuring tools that provide our senses with the opportunity to see the "unseen" and hear the never before heard. We are transitioning from the concrete, machine thinking of Newton physics and shaking off the debris and saying "yes" to the next chapter in the unfolding of who we are, the i am and the becoming.

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