Saturday, June 29, 2013

Health vs Fashion

Great expose! See the whole of this most fashionable past on.Ecouterre. 

Corset damage was ignored, even as fainting spells rose. Fainting became a sign of feminine delicacy so  symptom relief was sought rather than going for the prevention. (Until some flagrant feminist, some outrageous pioneer of garb said, "Wait a minute, girding my torso is torture and i won't take it any more!" Does this sound familiar?

What we do for "fashion" is often weird.

Loving the creative, fun, multi aesthetic variables still holds my style attention even as i try to unravel the good from the bad- in an attempt to not throw another baby out with that bathwater ( Grey water needs a re-use there too!)

After seeing Psywar last night at Meaningful Movies, i understand how women were sold the "look" of the high and mighty and even a lot about the "why."  However i fail to understand why the wealthy women would start or adapt to the "look" created by X if it hurt.

The idea of the expert over rules the good sense of those iin power or X had some kind of hold on Y the wealthy fashionista ...or and this one takes my vote:

Because when Y sashays into the dinner party or soiree with a totally new and unexpected garment; all the ladies gasp, applaud, or turn to another to gossip quietly of said spectacle.

It is all good!! How,?

The attention!!

She is in command of the room, she is feeling the ego rush her hubby feels when he mows down workers attempt to unionize, when he closes the deal that will wipe out the forests of New York etc.

According to a book i read along time ago about the Astor's of NYC in 1800s , he ruled the boardroom, she ruled the social pecking order. Sweet - as this so works into how the myths maintain power, knowing when and what to socialize while privatizing the profits looks a little like "equal, but different."

The memes we spread are contagious.. so spread healthy ones!

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