Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Die for Dyeing

Fashion real costs discussed in this TedX talk.

One thread at a time: Louise Visser and Alice Jones at TEDxNoosa

When what "we" in the so called "1st world countries" accept, enable, promote for a lifestyle that is pushed by consumerism and the financialization of everything; life itself is in trouble. A need to grow, extort , exploit everything and everybody is not a good way to make friends. No wonder we are so unhappy, unhealthy and anxious.

The USA is proving grounds for dis-ease in systems based on archaiac visions of who and what we as human beings are and why we are here.
 Maturing as a species means removing our blinders, to stop justifying our actions and getting to "super real" with transparency, respect, responsibility and realization of how all of life interrelates, is connected and health requires diversity, creativity and curiosity. This is good stuff once the hurdle is jumped.

This is how we can reconcile and heal. We have what it takes.

 When we look to the whole as one, it is easy to see the how there is no "over there," no "other"

Helping each other realize the possible is up to each of us.

Thank you

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