Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweatshop, USA

As the charitable industrial complex tends to focus its good deeds with interests in so called under-developed countries (who is the judge? am questioning everything these days!

Communication is a difficult thing when off the topics that roll with simple exchanges, polite conversation. The classic top down "we the do-gooder" here to help you "the poor and downtrodden" with a few useful things that actually cost us "nothing" and are great for "marketing"  and PR works like a "business."

Speaking up outside the construct of the agenda makers takes good listening skills (learning!) a lot of research, courage and an ability to step away from ego despite the bruises. It takes extreme heart  to remember the eyes of those you "promised" to pick yourself up and to carry on.

This is some of what sets the sincere activist apart from the controlled to not rock any real boats and to not change the course of the "Takers"  do good set up. A focus on deeds that won't really interfere with  the status quo are the usual foundational guidelines, the old  bandage the wound ignore the cause approach. Therefore these charities act as detractors/distractors, as ways to justify the rape and pillage, kind of like payola..

Human beings that are true to self, attempting to acknowledge their paths and spirits,  are operating from another place, a place aligned with Love.  This creates a huge differential in the quantum field as is aligned with expanding possibilities. This in turn supports diversity and as diversity aligns with healthy ecosystems we are at threshold to a healing dimension that rocks that oldy moldy boat outta the water! ( maybe even before the water is poisoned by fracking and run-off and...)

The Gaid Theory came to me yesterday and is a link to the theory of everything that Lanza wrote about in Biocentrism., even though i have jumped the physics only field from whence the query came.

Details later, writing them down is not nearly as fun as the aha moments that show up. For the record, the Giad Theory is a fun next step that erodes huge amounts of the established mythic construct and reinterprets them from new perspectives. This is part of the fashionRIP Project, where i have been unraveling western culture, keeping the good threads and exposing the rotten ones.

So back to inspiration piece and Sweating Away in the USA, Flor Molina story is is full of the good stuff. Great activists are fighting for others as well as self. This creates the energy that survives the downturns and rides the crests with joy that surpasses the self.  That is really all one needs to know, to start..

How Modern-Day Slaves Become Lobbyists
Lured from Mexico into forced labor at an American factory, Flor Molina’s human trafficking story was typical. What’s remarkable is what she did next.

as cited from Yes Magazine. 

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