Monday, November 3, 2008

Fashion Future Summit


This morning caught the underground and knew how to navigate the circus of Oxford Circus.
The day started with speakers and then we broke into one of 3 groups. I was in the luxury group.
What is it and how will we design it? How has it been appropriated by the likes
of Gucci and Lois Vuitton who have "democracized" it with a fast fashion business model?
What will be the new vision; olde world craftsmanship, will the full lifecycle of products be considered as well as their impact on the sustainable model (sustainable economics, social justice and ecological balance) will their be smaller companies, resource wise limited production....?

I have met and will connect back with some great people ..... designers, media rousers, professors and other stakeholders.
This is it for now as I need to shuffle my notes and get some concise outcome sentences formed. This has been one of the most exciting sustainable related events I have ever been involved with or even attended as a spectator.
More later, L, deborah

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