Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sanctuary Art Center

Michael in self style

Saturday morning i volunteer at the Sanctuary which is a drop in art making space for homeless teens. Next Saturday we are starting a quilt block wall hanging with patches, paint, fabric and what all ...if it can be sewn or applied in some way....well I am excited about actually having a project rather than just fixing the machines (again) and spontaneous sewing help.

This will be wonderful in multiple ways. I have met some talented, intelligent, eclectic, lovely people (new friends!) and i am happy to say that i have apologized for the mess some of us have made of this world out of ignorance, greed, fear and "its not my job" etc.

OK it's covered, we are forgiven; now let's work together for recovery, spirited growth and a better evolved look at our species, our capabilities and our responsibilities. No big deal just total 360 degree awareness and action and we can do it, pardon me
We Will Do It and the perk -it creates joy!

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