Sunday, December 21, 2008

Education +/-

The self block by assumption life it hides that which is under our noses, like ever look for something that is in a drawer and you can't find it, then go back the next day and there it is.

The self hypnotist, the assumer, plays with fashion all the time. Consider minis with unattractive legs, the great shoulder pad excess, corsets that caused fainting, hoops and panniers were all part of being in fashion. When "in fashion" is the proper attire of the day, we overlook a lot because it fits in with the current assumption!

Yet that same assumer gets us from point A to point B because we know the route and can depend on it.
We best keep our wits about us and stay fresh -get a really good mirror...then again if you think you look good and that makes you feel good and so you work the illusion and it is effective, well then......ah, tis a puzzlement!

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