Sunday, December 7, 2008

the Trees

White damask, black canvas and some Halloween special (cheap, minimal thread count) yard sale cotton became the backdrop i thought i was going to paint.

OK, i am getting deeper and deeper into this whole sustainable thing. As i advance i am asking more questions. It's a way to challenge myself to play with other possibilities and not do just whatever appears the easiest, most routine or otherwise obvious because of past teachings.

That this is good fun for brains and will keep them lively and sprite is a bonus. It is strange that what we sometimes think we want -comfort, is actually bad for us. What we need to keep fit and healthy are changes and challenges. (PBS, Brain Fitness and Neuroplasticity)

So i used what i had. The old damask cloth had a grape juice stain and the black fabric was culled from project remains. i am happier with these results than an old acrylic and butcher paper backdrop. (click on the detail shot to see fast, freeform stitch style)

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