Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coca Cola and Eco fashion

Earth Day at North Seattle Community College

Wow, just saw the ads Google put up on this blog. Eco Fashion from recycled plastic Coke bottles is not eco friendly and not sustainable and not endorsed by this blog!!

That the Coca Cola company is jumping to the green ethos is a little late (forgivable) and absurdly unjustifiable (not forgivable!) No amount of recycling compensates for using plastics in the volume we have been conditioned to accept. Making these bottles and then recycling them uses a lot of energy and i just heard (from my dad) that the emissions from the recycling process are big on airborne toxins. Add this up and in the end you have a shirt that will not break down when worn out, thereby adding zero value back to our soils as organic matter would.

In fact that tee shirt will possibly outlast all of us if we continue in this insanity - greenwashing business as usual is obscene!

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